Making quantum computing practically relevant


PhotoQ aims to make quantum computing practically relevant.

Bringing together leading research in experimental and theoretical quantum computing with industry partners from the fields of laser technology, vehicle route planning, quantum chemistry, and quantum algorithmics, the project will develop near-term quantum information processing devices and apply them to use cases in logistics and pharma.

The goal is to demonstrate quantum-accelerated solutions to industry-relevant problems.

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Project goals

Building on pioneering background knowledge on photonic measurement-based quantum computing, we will pursue a photonics approach to develop two near-term quantum devices and subsequently leap forward towards a scalable integrated platform for fault-tolerant quantum computing. In parallel, use cases within the logistics and pharma sectors will be developed and transformed into algorithms to be executed on the hardware, demonstrating quantum accelerated solutions to industry-relevant problems.

In PhotoQ, we are constructing a Gaussian Boson Sampler - a sub-universal photonic quantum processor based on squeezed light - and applications targeting this platform, for example in molecular dynamics and logistics optimization. The Sampler will be fully configurable and cloud-accessible, allowing partners and external collaborators to immediately run applications on a real device.

In parallel, we are developing squeezed light sources and small Gaussian Boson Samplers on the LNOI (lithium niobate on insulator) platform for integrated photonic chips. The aim is to use these as generators of GKP states, which are fundamental ingredients for universal, fault-tolerant quantum computers.



Project leader

Steering Committee Chairman